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Hello and welcome to my homepage,

I'm Ahmad Azizi, an Online Service Developer currently living in Tehran, Iran. My interests range from photography to technology. I am also interested in travel, innovation, and gardening.

I Build & Run extensive large-scale online services, build with enthusiasm and run with excitement.

Great Words of Inspiration

  • There is nothing stranger than die in this world, so never fear to do anything. -Ahmad Azizi
  • You'll get better results by being more open to do anything disregarding the consequences, rather than to be obsessed with being selective. You may lose things, but you achieve more. -Ahmad Azizi
  • Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lose it. -Unknown
  • Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can. -Richard Bach
  • Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it’s something you design for the present. -Jim Rohn
  • Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius
  • No matter what people call you, you are just who you are. -Dalai Lama
  • Many times the wrong train took me to the right place. -Unknown
  • Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. -Theodore Roosevelt
  • You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. -Jim Rohn
  • Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong. -Peter T. Mcintyre
  • He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. -Muhammad Ali
  • It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going. -Brian Tracy
  • We live and we die, this is the truth that we can only face alone. No one can help us, not even the Buddha. -Dalai Lama
  • Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively. -Dalai Lama
  • The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. -Jim Goodwin
  • It always seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela
  • We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. -Dalai Lama
  • You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi
  • Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. -Dalai Lama
  • Some people grumble because roses have thorns; I am thankful that the thorns have roses. -Alphonse Karr
  • Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality. -Brian Tracy
  • Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible. -Frank L. Gaines
  • Heaven is a state of mind, not a location. -Wayne W. Dyer
  • We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us. -Virginia Satir
  • I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not.  -Wayne W. Dyer
  • Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find. -Wayne W. Dyer
  • Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. -Wayne W. Dyer
  • If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. -Vincent Van Gogh
  • The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. -William James
  • If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams. -Les Brown
  • It is said that God created man in his own image. But it may be that humankind has created God in the image of humankind. -Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. -Thich Nhat Hanh
  • The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it. -W.M. Lewis
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint Exupery
  • The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. -Mark Twain
  • Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. -Tony Robbins
  • When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them. -Evelyn Waugh


I am not the Ahmad Azizi poet!

If you've searched for "Ahmad Azizi" and landed to this webpage, you should be informed that this website (and my other websites) does not belong or have any relation with Ahmad Azizi poet.

This website belongs to a different identity, and by the time I'm receiving messages from people who have confused me with "Ahmad Azizi Poet", "Ahmad Azizi politician", "Dr. Ahmad Azizi" and some other Ahmad Azizis in the world.

Anyway, if you were not looking for any of the persons above, hopefully you're on the right place! That's me!

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I just thought of sharing you with some of the best concepts that I really live with everyday.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. --Walt Disney
The perceived complexity of a task will expand to the time allot to it. --Parkinson's Law

 There are Lots of ideas, rules, points, laws and favorite quotes that a person likes best, but a single one is enough to change one's vision of whole life. No need for too many, a few can be enough to start a journey or survive! The most complex things, the greatest achievements have always been based on a simple but clever idea or concept.

Be wishful,
Nov 2010, Ahmad,
the AmdZ.

My Notes

  • Let's make Things Happening [Posted on 24 July 2016]
    This is an announcement post after having nothing new here over long time. I'm fully back and ready to develop exciting things.If you're living on this planet, you are on a journey of life being seeking joy and gratification, no matter you're eastern, western or Iranian. [View Full Story]
  • Nights by dots [Posted on 5 January 2013]
    Starting tonight, I'm going to add a single dot(.) at the end of this note to see how many dots I'll get at the end of this month. There is defference between deciding to do something and actually doing something and there are meanings behind every dot. Every dot means an stable state of mind at a certain time to remember some important aspects of life which I need to take action on it. [View Full Story]
  • Mission clean-up has been completed! [Posted on 10 December 2011]
    During November, AmdZ.com ran out of hosting space and I was able to free up space by 60%. [View Full Story]
  • Eliminate the anxiety of time by applying the best time management strategy [Posted on 16 May 2011]
    Time boxing is the most effective time management tool that I've found. It is about to simply fixing a time period to work on a single task or group of tasks. In this note, I'll try to introduce you to the Pomodoro technique, a great, lovely time boxing strategy that I'm applying for almost a year to manage the time. [View Full Story]
  • A whole new Look and Feel for AmdZ.com [Posted on 27 March 2009]
    AmdZ.com has a whole new look and feel since March 27, 2009. [View Full Story]

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  • Cougar Kills Mountain Biker In Washington, Injures Companion
    Cougar Kills Mountain Biker In Washington, Injures CompanionA cougar attacked two mountain bikers in Washington Saturday morning, killing
  • Their Royal Cuteness: Princess Charlotte sticks her tongue out as George hides behind his mother's legs
    Their Royal Cuteness: Princess Charlotte sticks her tongue out as George hides behind his mother's legsIt was the merest flash of mischief in what was otherwise an impressively poised performance from the youngest members of the bridal party. As three vintage Rolls Royces carrying the troop of six beautifully dressed bridesmaids and two of the four pageboys rolled towards St George’s Chapel, little Princess Charlotte (who at just three is already becoming an expert performer) cheekily stuck her tongue out and waved at the crowd. The children appeared to take it all in their stride as they hopped out of the car and were quickly gathered together by their mothers and herded up the steps to the chapel, going as fast as their little legs could carry them. The Duchess of Cambridge took charge and - holding her daughter’s hand, and that of three-year-old Florence van Cutsem - lead the way into the chapel, while  Meghan Markle’s best friends Jessica Mulroney and Benita Litt followed with their daughters Ivy, four, Remi, six and Rylan, seven, and Zoe Warren (wife of Harry’s close friend Jake Warren) brought up the rear with the youngest member of the brood, two-year-old Zalie. As the bride’s car pulled up, two more little faces peered out, eager to see the crowds. Twins Brian and John Mulroney, seven, had the important job of accompanying Meghan down the aisle. The boys, wearing frockcoats made to look like miniature versions of the Blues and Royals worn by Prince Harry, proudly held a corner each of Meghan’s train, as designer Claire Waight Keller carefully adjusted it on the steps. Each Page boy had their initials embroidered in gold on their shoulder straps, while the bridesmaids wore ivory silk dresses with little puffed sleeves, hand finished with a double silk ribbon tied in a bow. As a keepsake for the special day, each of the girls wore leather shoes monogrammed with their initials and the wedding date. Once inside the church, the children were quickly ushered aside by the Duchess of Cambridge, who then - with the other mothers - took her seat alongside the Duchess of Cornwall. As the bride arrived at the threshold of the chapel, the excitement grew too much for one of the Mulroney twins, who couldn’t contain his awe when he saw the hundreds of people waiting for him to perform his big moment inside. Peeking around Meghan, his mouth open wide in amazement as he took it all in. Royal wedding day pictures: Best photos from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's ceremony and reception The bride made her way gracefully down the aisle towards her father in law, on what could have been a rather lonely walk had it not been for the band of bridesmaids and page boys behind her, holding each other’s hands and diligently following in her wake. As she arrived at the alter, the twins carefully laid the train down on the floor and lead the way out to a side room where the children were kept entertained during the ceremony. One bridesmaid had a final job to do. Meghan looked over her shoulder and held her bouquet out for Ivy Mulroney, daughter of her best friend Jessica, who proudly took it and marched off. Their mothers, looking on proudly from their seats, breathed a sigh of relief, their little darlings had pulled it off. Prince George looked serious: Credit: Brian Lawless/pool photo via AP Little page boy Jasper Dyer gives a confident wave: Credit: CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/Getty Images Pageboys and bridesmaids were accompanied by the Duchess of Cambridge, who did the same for her sister Pippa Middleton last year: Credit: Jane Barlow/PA Wire The children were all very well-behaved: Prince George was well-behaved Pageboys held the train for Meghan Markle as she walked towards the church: Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire Meghan Markle travelled with Brian and John Mulroney, the sons of her friend Jessica: Credit: Chris Radburn/pool photo via AP Credit: Ian West/PA Wire Princess Charlotte waved to her fans after the wedding: Princess Charlotte waves to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the #RoyalWeddinghttps://t.co/clmlONBpoupic.twitter.com/SEzjtisM7g— Fox News (@FoxNews) May 19, 2018 Princess Charlotte is so so precious ��❤️ #royalweddingpic.twitter.com/edhdzFMtwn— Christina �� (@Dina921) May 19, 2018   Who are the bridesmaids? Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, aged three, is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's niece.  Florence van Cutsem, aged three, is goddaughter of Prince Harry and daughter of Alice van Cutsem and Major Nicholas van Cutsem. Remi Litt, aged six, is goddaughter of Ms Markle and  daughter of Benita Litt and Darren Litt. Rylan Litt, aged seven, is goddaughter of Ms Markle, daughter of Benita Litt and Darren Litt. Ivy Mulroney, aged four, is Jessica Mulroney and Benedict Mulroney's daughter.  Zalie Warren, aged two , is Prince Harry's goddaughter and the daughter of Zoe Warren and Jake Warren Cutest pictures of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and more young royals at the wedding Who are the pageboys? Prince George of Cambridge, aged four, is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nephew. Jasper Dyer, aged six, is godson of Prince Harry and the son of Amanda Dyer and Mark Dyer.  Brian Mulroney, aged seven, is the son of Jessica Mulroney and Benedict Mulroney. John Mulroney, aged seven, is the son of Jessica Mulroney and Benedict Mulroney. The most stylish guests from Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle    
  • Officers 'did what they could' in Texas killings: chief
    Officers 'did what they could' in Texas killings: chiefTwo officers "did what they could" when a teenager opened fire and killed 10 inside a Texas school, their chief said Saturday, tight-lipped about a probe into the latest US mass shooting. Friday's massacre in the rural community of Santa Fe wounded 13 more, including a school police officer who is in critical condition. Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 17-year-old student at the same Santa Fe High School, is being held on two charges: aggravated assault to a public servant and capital murder, which means he could face the death penalty.
  • Macedonia must revise constitution before name deal: Greece
    Macedonia must revise constitution before name deal: GreeceA 27-year name row between Greece and Macedonia cannot be resolved without consitutional revision in the neighbouring country, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Saturday amid hopes for a June deal. "As regards the debate surrounding (Macedonia's) name, the government will not enter more specific talks if the above requirements are not fulfilled first," Tsipras' office said in a statement. In a speech to his party later Saturday, Tsipras said the countries were "closer than ever before" to a solution.
  • Parents Arrested After Five-Year-Old`s Body Found In Sacramento Storage Unit
    Parents Arrested After Five-Year-Old`s Body Found In Sacramento Storage UnitPolice say five-year-old Cali Anderson died in the last two weeks, and her father and step-mother rented a car to take the child`s body from Reno to a Sacramento storage unit.
  • Celebrity guests show their royal wedding fashion best at Windsor
    Celebrity guests show their royal wedding fashion best at WindsorWINDSOR, England (Reuters) - Windsor Castle became an eclectic catwalk of colorful frocks and shapely hats on Saturday as celebrity guests offered up an array of royal wedding outfit styles, eagerly watched by fashionistas around the world.
  • Sri Lanka warns of Tamil separatist resurgence
    Sri Lanka warns of Tamil separatist resurgenceSri Lanka's president Saturday warned that Tamil extremists were regrouping abroad to revive their demand to divide the island nation nine years after the end of its decades-long ethnic war. Maithripala Sirisena said government forces had failed to quash the Tamil rebels' separatism, although they were militarily conquered by May 2009 following a no-holds-barred offensive. "We have defeated terrorism of the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), but we have not been able to defeat their ideology," Sirisena said.
  • 10 Most-Reliable Luxury SUVs For 2018
    10 Most-Reliable Luxury SUVs For 2018
  • A royal reception feast for 600: langoustines, quail eggs and rhubarb tartlets
    A royal reception feast for 600: langoustines, quail eggs and rhubarb tartletsGuests of Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan were set to tuck into dishes including Scottish langoustines, grilled asparagus and rhubarb crumble tartlets at a lunchtime reception for the newlyweds. Canapes being served include poached free-range chicken in a lightly spiced yoghurt with roasted apricot, croquettes of confit Windsor lamb and garden-pea panna cotta with quail eggs and lemon verbena. There were also bowl foods such as pea and mint risotto with pea shoots, truffle oil and parmesan crisps, and 10-hour slow roasted Windsor pork belly, all washed down with champagne, wines and a range of soft drinks.
  • "Born to kill" Texas shooter a quiet teenager in trench coat
    "Born to kill" Texas shooter a quiet teenager in trench coatHe was a quiet Texas teenager who danced with his Greek church group and played football. On Friday, authorities said, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis put on a trenchcoat, walked into an art class at his high school in Santa Fe, near Houston, and shot nine fellow students and a teacher dead. There were no red flags beforehand to indicate that Pagourtzis was headed for trouble, Governor Greg Abbott said.